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General information

Course title: International Market Segmentation
Faculty: Management


of study:

International Business

Study level:

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x  MA

Academic year: 2021/2022
Number of ECTS points: 3

Course completion method:

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of instruction:

English Course teaching team:
Course leader: PhD Marta Grybś-Kabocik
Lectures: Prof. Słąwomir Smyczek
Classes: Prof. Justyna Matysiewicz
Lab classes: -


of the course teaching team:

Department of Consumption Research

Course status:

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Course time frame:

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Course forms Number of hours
Lectures 15
Classes, Workshops, Brainstorming, Discussion 30
Individual preparation 45
Total number of hours 90
Course objective and key words
Course objective: to increase students’ knowledge about international consumer segmentation
Course key words:  segmentation, cosnumers, internationalization


Course content

1.    Market Segmentation - overview
2.    Market segmentation process (criterium, attractiveness, profiles)
3.    Target market choice (5 strategies)
4.    Positioning
5.    Market Segmentation on the global market
6.    Determining the effectiveness of market segmentation


Teaching and learning methods

Lectures about international segmentation and its steps in different cultures will be given. Workshops on segmentation and positioning from different cultural perspectives will be provided. The knowledge can be trained during interactive methods of lectures and workshops like game.


Learning outcomes

Code of the learning outcomes Student learning outcome achieved in the course Methods of assessing the outcomes Documentation
IB1_W05 Student has basic knowledge on the subject of relationships between business entities as well as other subject and institutions creating international and intercultural environment Written tasks discussion Tasks solution samples in online format
IB1_W06 Student differentiates between the relationships typical for entities functioning in international markets Written tasks discussion Tasks solution samples in online format
IB1_W12 Possesses elementary knowledge of international market research, in particular of research problems as well as research methodology, tools and techniques. Discussion Tasks solution samples in online format



Student is able to identify and interpret phenomena and business, social and managerial processes occurring in the international scale, along with their conditions Discussion Written version saved in disc



Student is able to use basic theoretical knowledge concerning international business and associated disciplines in order to interpret and analyse the circumstances of business entities operating on domestic and international markets. Case study Written version saved in disc




Student is able to analyse and interpret systems of norms applicable to different cultural, economic and legal circumstances Case study Written version saved in disc
Social competences
IB1_K02 Student can cooperate and work on a team, also on involving representatives of other cultures Self work Examples of tasks solved
IB1_K08 Student is prepared to acquire and enhance international business knowledge on his/her own Self-work Examples of tasks solved


Assessment methods

Assessment mode Description Weight
(percentage of the final grade)
1.    Workshops Presenting a comprehensive solution to a selected case study as well as further discussion questions 50%
2.    Game Descriptive solutions to tasks in the game 50%


Course literature


McDonald, M. (2012). Market segmentation: How to do it and how to profit from it. John Wiley & Sons.