For Students – Information

Date: March 28 - April 8, 2022.

Theme: International segmentation

Are you ready for creative education on international market segmentation?

  • Take part in workshops conducted by experts from Belgium, Canada, France and Spain;
  • Play an interactive game about international segmentation;
  • Discover Polish and Silesian culture;
  • Experience international networking, business education and fun.

The course will be carried out in two blocks:

1. Part one carried out in the remote formula. Participants will have time to familiarize themselves with teaching materials available on the internet platform and do preliminary research on consumer segmentation.

Thanks to this, course participants will prepare themselves for the offline part of the course.

2. Part two organized in a stationary form in Katowice. Participants with the support of international experts will take part in an interactive game to test the knowledge and systematize it, using elements of learning through play.

Schedule of recruitment for IP 1 - Gamification of learning
March 8-11, 2022 Filling out recruitment forms
March 14, 2022 Results of the recruitment process